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Turnkey System

Proven sales and business building system that has worked for hundreds of people just like you!


Ongoing mentorship with calls, webinars, and events. One-on-one and group coaching to help and encourage you every step of the way.


Diverse and proven lead system exclusive to symmetry agents to support and build your business. Qualified leads generated by our nationwide digital marketing efforts.


Fast track comprehensive training from the insurance industry’s best. No experience required!


True contractual agency ownership program. Practice one of our core values “We act like owners because we OWN it”


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Our exceptional team of owners and leaders has decades of experience in the field, and each of them is dedicated to providing you with top-notch financial assistance.
Jim Rustman

Regional Agency Director

Jim Rustman

Regional Agency Director

I was in Law Enforcement for nearly 15 years.  

I wanted something completely different than what I ever did before.  I saw actually helping people.

My life has changed for the better and mean that by just the way we live and the ability to do as we choose.  The efforts I have put in and the work ethic is what my kids see and what makes me happy.

I believe the family environment and the opportunity to set your own schedule and nobody dictates that for you.  I also retired my wife so she can spend time at home with our beautiful kids.  Also all the earned vacations that we get to do by the work we put in!!

I would tell every new agent who is not building to start building; even with warm market I you don’t have a recruiting budget. It makes the transition so much easier especially on the weeks when I don’t perform the way I know I can.

Karen Reid

Agency Owner
I was the Director of Operations at a consulting firm for 5 years. Prior to that I had been in direct sales for over 20 years.
The importance of what we do …. Helping people.
I love my life now! I don’t dread every day at the thought of going to work. And the people that have become part of my life are the richest blessing.
I was able to retire my husband who has now gone back to school to get his degree full-time. My husband and I have been able to travel without worrying about the money or for asking for permission to take time off work. We bought a camper and paid cash!
Trust the system. Listen to your mentor and do what they tell you to do. They want you to succeed as much as you do! BELIEVE and Don’t Quit.

Kevin Farrell

Agency Owner
Working at Northern Trust Company in Foreign Exchange Institutional Sales. 250k +
I saw the Symmetry ads and was intrigued and decided to take an interview. That interview was with Jim Rustman. That interview, which lasted for over an hour, with a straight shooter and successful Symmetry Agency Director is what lead me to take the leap of faith in him and Symmetry Financial.
My quality of life changed immediately. I didn’t have to be up at 4:30am every day working till 6:30pm before the day ended, then a long train ride home. I had choices and could create MY schedule to follow not someone else’s. I can see my kids anytime now and work while I’m visiting them. If I take a vacation I can still work, if I want to or need to, because of the remote capabilities of this job. I love the remote capabilities of this job.
I have already gone on a paid vacation trip to Mexico from Symmetry, something I never did in 30yrs with my other company. I get the opportunity to help others to start their own Agency business, like myself, opening possibilities for them and their family’s future.
I would say get with your Upline (mentor) and listen to everything they say. Jump in with both feet into the Symmetry system right from the start. The sooner you do this and ask “what’s next?” the sooner you will see results with Symmetry’s training system. By doing these simple steps you will see the financial rewards of this job on top of helping families along the way.

Alex Jackson

Agency Owner
After being in the US Marines Corps for 7 years and 2 deployments, I was in the automotive business both retail and corporate America side. I was an Account Executive and then a National Trainer for a large Fortune 500 Company – making $110,000 salary.
I like the ability to be able to work for yourself but not by yourself and be able to build a business that would be able to last generationally for my family and also be able to provide the freedom of time an money for the current times as well. The culture, training, mentorship and leadership growth was also something that was very attractive to me when deciding to become a part of the SFG family
The real question here is how have our lives NOT changed? The father, husband, and leader that I am now is a 180 degree difference from the person that I was when first partering with this organization. The ability to spend time with the kids and my wife and be able to not worry about the financial part of spending that time is awesome.
This year alone I have had the opportunity to go to Cabo, San Jose, and Cancun Mexico along with St. Augustine, FL, Dallas, SC, Indy, Denver and many other short trips with co-workers, friends, and family.
Work on yourself more than your business, follow the system and stay hungry, honest, humble and work hard, but most importantly don’t quit.

Wesley Engbrecht

Key Leader
Before Symmetry I was in automotive sales. I worked for a Subaru, Mazda and Hyundai dealership. I consistently was a 6 figure earner in the car business.
I was tired of not having a “work/life” balance. Selling cars required 60+ hours each week and 3 out of every 4 Saturdays. I wanted my life back without having to sacrifice income.
I now actually have tremendously less stress, a true work/life balance and LOVE working on the two main focuses in my life; leaving a legacy and helping others. I have the honor of helping others build an insurance business while also helping families protect what’s most important!
The travel to our conferences/conventions along with the opportunity to earn the amazing trips that our insurance companies have each year is simply amazing. Most importantly though? The ability to further develop myself as a person, husband and leader through our great team!
NEVER EVER EVER EVER QUIT!!! This business works 100% of the time IF the system is followed and you provide the hard and focused work. The map and blueprint for success is already here. Just be smart enough to follow it!

Levi Thomas

Key Leader
I was a correctional Officer making just under 50k per year.
Jim and I worked together at the jail and he told me about it.
Once I decided to actually start working. I have a far less stressful life and I have more free time with my family.
I have just recently begun to build my agency; as hard as it is managing others and getting used to the ups and downs of that, I would not trade it for another job. I absolutely love where I am.
I would tell every new agent who is not building to start building; even with warm market I you don’t have a recruiting budget. It makes the transition so much easier especially on the weeks when I don’t perform the way I know I can.

Melvin Lehrner

Key Leader
Before Symmetry, I was an executive in the Automotive Industry counseling Car Dealer Groups in optimizing profits, installing best practices and mentoring upper management. My income was $200K-300K per year.
My attraction to Symmetry was the opportunity, culture and formula for success, where you can build wealth over time, if you are willing to do the work.
My life has changed in that I can work from home and have the work life balance that is part of the Symmetry culture.
I have been able to help and provide many families with the ability to protect their loved ones for the future. I have also been able to provide others with the Symmetry dream where one can build wealth for themselves and their family.
New agent advice is to work hard, engage, listen and be a positive member of the team!

Amanda Luckie

Key Leader
The question is, what WASN’T I doing before Symmetry! Before Symmetry, I was what I would call a serial job hopper. My husband, Tim and I loved traveling around doing seasonal work places and with that lifestyle comes a lot of variety. I was doing anything from recruiting for a travel nursing company, to teaching 6th graders math, to becoming a professional juice maker to working as a Human Resources Manager! However, the last several years of my career I was a bartender down in the Florida Keys and I made on average between $60k-$70k per year depending how busy the season got.
What first peaked my interest at Symmetry was the flexibility and being able to work remotely. I started my career here in October of 2020. Ahhh yes, we all remember the glorious year of 2020! If you read the answer to my last question, you probably know being a bartender during the height of covid was no place to be. Immediatley over night, my job was nearly eliminated. My restaurant was one of the few lucky ones to be able to stay open during the pandemic, but my hours were severely cut. My husband, who was also a bartender actually got laid off, so it was up to me at this point to provide for myself, our daughter, and him. Talk about a tough situation to find yourself in, but I knew this was my opportunity for change in a big way. Having a new born during this time was already a big challenge and I knew very quickly that I didn’t want to work in a bar, during the pandemic. I wanted my hours to be on my terms and work around my daughters schedule, from the comfort of my own home. At the time, I knew I needed a big change and there wasn’t anything else I could find that would provide me with exactly what I was looking for.
I am now unemployable anywhere else! Where else can you find an uncapped salary, from the comfort of your own home, scheduling things on your own time, that will pay you whatever effort you decide to put into it? When I first joined Symmetry, I thought it was too good to be true. I literally told myself, “There is no way that I can make good money, be my own boss doing it, and have the flexibility and time to still be involved with my family.” I’m here ot tell you IT IS TRUE. I’ve learned so many unexpected things by becoming part of this team as well. Not only does this lifestyle exist, but also the leadership and personal development that has been enstilled in me is unparallel. It sounds stupid to say, but I never realized how important developing as a person directly effects your rate of growth from a business standpoint. I didn’t realize that in order for my pocket book to grow, so did I.
The first thing that comes to mind is control over my own schedule. For most of my life, I’ve worked in places where you are caught in the grind – working hours upon hours a week to maybe get one holiday off a year, if you’re lucky! IF I even got my requested time off, I couldn’t take more than a few days here or there. You start having that feeling of “Yes, I’m making decent money, but at what cost?” Now, I can literally work anywhere I want as long as I can find an internet connection. This summer alone, my family went on 4 different trips – some of which I worked remotely and some of which I just took an entire week off. That’s the beauty of this industry, you pick as much or as little has you’d like to work and the only person you ask permission from is yourself. Now, if you’re going to ask me THE BIGGEST opportunity Symmetry has provided it would be the time I get with my family. As I previously mentioned, I started this career when my daughter was still new! How lucky am I, that my daughter now gets both her mom and dad to put her to bed every day during her naps and be there when she wakes up to go for a walk outside or make dinners together? Most families are lucky to have one parent do that and I feel so incredibly fortunate that Symmetry has offered me the flexibility to work my schedule the way I want to work it and still see my family.
WHAT A GREAT QUESTION! Right off the bat, my first piece of advice would be to RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN FOR WHAT YOU ARE CHASING! What I mean by “run as fast as you can” is this industry requires you to see success quickly and to find belief in yourself that you can, in fact, DO IT. If you have one foot in, one foot out mentality you more than likely will not last in this business because it’s made only for the strong. This industry requires that you find belief in yourself quickly. You have to have grit; determination; resilience; perseverance; and most importantly: COURAGE. The people who give themselves no option but to succeed and do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get there are the ones that achieve it. My best piece of advice would be to identify why you want to be here and don’t just simply dabble in achieving your goals, but completely emerge yourself in making that a reality. Have the fire ignited in you so that once it’s lit, there’s no stopping you!